More about the Lambert-Nikolaus

Wolfgang Kimmig made it to his task to do good in the robe of the Holy Nikolaus of Myra and set a positive example for his fellow men just like the idolized original Nikolaus has done. To do good is catching. That‘s what he has often seen happen.

For 35 years already, he has been Nikolaus from the bottom of his heart and soul. In the beginning, the Nikolaus robe belonged to his spare time task besides his occupation as master mechanic. Every year he took his vacation during the advent season. However, the time came: „when I realized it`s time to only concentrate on my real task: the Lambert-Nikolaus.“ The working overall was stowed away and the red Nikolaus robe became his second skin.

During his missions he always notices the strength he can give the people. „Most impressed during all those years I am by the beaming eyes of the children and the sick people when I visit them“, he says. He listens to the people, cries with them, spends consolation and strokes their hands. And he also encourages them with affectionate, respectful and appreciative words.

His life as Nikolaus shows significant milestones which had deep influence on him. Rome in the year 2007: Pope Benedikt XVI gave him his blessing and recognition as Nikolaus. In 2009 Bishop Konstantin (orthodox church) blessed and recognized him. In 2014 he was appointed honorarycitizen of Myra/Demre, Turkey. In 2007 – 2018 he went on pilgrimages of the Holy Nikolaus. In 2008 he was honoured and recognized as Nikolaus by the mayor of Bethlehem. The town of Myra will grant him his last resting place and his mortal remains will be buried near the local Nikolaus Church.

To lots of people the Lambertz-Nikolaus is also well-known for his TV appearances i.e. at „Backes Nachtcafé“, „Wetten dass“ or at „Kaffee oder Tee“. His positive energy works and passes on.

During his numerous trips, which so far have taken him to all European countries, to Israel, the Turkey and the USA, he meets lots of people with worries and illnesses, and every now and again it happens that he takes notice of how positive his comfort and attentivness influence them. He instils signs of hope and peace.

„To listen, console and encourage: „This is my task in times like this and to state an example so that the good can go on and on.“